San E Gift - San Wine : 我們公司在西班牙設有分辦事處,專責為不同客戶從世界採購各式葡萄酒,以供客戶送禮之用。我們也可按客戶需求,從瓶子﹑包裝﹑標貼﹑配酒方面,去量身訂做,以顯之尊貴。



San E Gift - San Wine: Our company has branch offices in Spain, dedicated to customers purchasing different kinds of wines from the world, for customers to use gifts. We also according to customer needs, from the bottle, packaging, wine labels ﹑ with regard to tailor-made to substantially the honorable.

In addition, we have a company, Chinese companies have set up more local food import and export certificates in circulation in Hong Kong and China, can legally access all kinds of wine after tax.




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